Lea Edwards


Ahoy! I'm Lea Edwards, an award winning composer based in the UK. I specialise in writing music for stuff, things and projects. I've worked on tonnes of awesome content with awesome people, including a pending release with EMI/KPMT (will update the portfolio soon).

I love working with like-minded, creative people on super cool projects. If you're great fun to work with, we'll get along like a Viola on Fire.

Have a project you want to chat about? Drop me a message and let's talk! :)


There's a whole bunch of new content pending release in Q3 2021 which kinda blows this out of the water. Drop me a message for private links.

    For any corporate or television work, Lea is represented by Van Straten Solicitors.

    Please contact:
    Adam Van Straten
    T: +44(0)20 8588 9660
    E: adam@vanstratensolicitors.com