Lea Edwards


Ahoy! I'm Lea Edwards, an award winning composer based in the UK. I specialise in writing Cinematic music for stuff, things and projects. I've worked on tonnes of awesome content with awesome people, including EMI/KPMT, Audiomachine, Amazon, Native Instruments, BBC and many more.

I love working with like-minded, creative people on super cool projects. If you're great fun to work with, we'll get along like a Viola on Fire.

Have a project you want to chat about? Drop me a message and let's talk! :)


Take a listen to my portfolio to get a feel for the cinematic music I create. From tense and suspenseful scores to sweeping and epic compositions, my portfolio showcases my ability to craft music that enhances the visual narrative of a production. I hope you enjoy what you hear!

Mighty Worlds

Building from tense openings to triumphant finales, these epic orchestral pieces bring together urgent string ostinatos, powerful drums, mighty brass, dark synths and stirring choirs.

Audio Network - Mighty Worlds

Age of Heroes

An awe-inspiring collection of heroic orchestral adventures. Expect minimal piano, vibrant strings, majestic brass, rousing choirs and pounding drums, often building to an epic climax.

Audio Network - Age of Heroes

Orchestral Power Promos

Inspirational, heartening and powerful collection of orchestral trailer cues featuring live orchestra, mighty percussion and bold brass

EXTREME - Orchestral Power Promos


Travel through unyielding soundscapes built from ethereal synth, revelatory choirs, and thunderous percussion. Embark on the journey of a lifetime and discover the Colony.

Audiomachine - COLONY